No paperwork. No headaches. Just great GRADWEAR.

GRADWEAR™ is the simplest and most direct route to creating authentic decorated apparel that your school can be proud of. Our easy-to-use online tools lets you set up shop super easily—and with guaranteed efficiency!

Here’s how to get your GRADWEAR on:
Step 1

Become a GRADWEAR REP—or simply create an account

Step 2

Design your own GRADWEAR (in the super simple GRADWEAR Design Lab) - COMING SOON

Step 3

Create and launch your GRADWEAR store. Hey, you’re in business!

Step 4

Market, promote, and repeat—and keep repeating!

Step 5

Track your progress and earn the rewards. Cha-chinng!

Step 6

Don’t forget to do some school work. (You do have a life beyond GRADWEAR!)

Want a professional design?

If you have a unique spirit wear design in mind that’s not possible to achieve using our GRADWEAR Design Lab, get access to our in-house design magicians. Just wave the magic wand and email