By Sara Graham



Whether you have aspirations to be the next Silicon Valley superstar, or to corner your city’s hipster coffee shop scene, it’s always a good idea to cultivate skills that will serve you well no matter what career you end up in. And, BTW, the average millennial reportedly will change career four times before they are 32. So it’s worth noting that the current kings and queens of our entrepreneurial world credit discovering the benefits of self-sufficiency, at an early age, as a key factor in shaping their success.


Here are four cash money-making skills you should focus on developing in 2017.


#1 Leadership & Networking – It’s one thing to be on point with the trends, and entirely another to lead a trend. You know the type (maybe you are the type!) … the girl or guy that always seems to be able to filter the best of the best and influence others with confidence. It’s that authentic enthusiasm that naturally leads to building a network of people who are anxious to know what you recommend. Our GRADWEAR™ reps are able to flex this muscle and make money for the effort. How can you communicate, connect the dots and win?


#2 How To Sell & Market Something - Aside from learning how money actually works, your mind will quickly train itself to adapt to ever changing environments. GRADWEAR™ reps find that once their little side hustle gets going, they start to understand how everything from the weather to world events can shape the buying decision. And it’s when they’re faced with less-than-favourable conditions that their creativity really shines.


#3 Multitasking – At the cornerstone of entrepreneurial greatness is the ability to do more than one thing at a time. We’re not talking about pushing yourself to the cray cray point. It’s all about discovering what right actions push you forward, and then scheduling your time to optimize the day.


#4 Financial Goodness – This is where the rubber meets the road. The mother of all life hacks is, ironically, when you can depend more on yourself than your parents for money.  GRADWEAR™ reps receive commissions in cash that they can either use to buy their own apparel, trade for Best Buy, Roots, H&M, Cineplex gift cards (worth more than the actual commission!), or put towards the Prom. Another bright idea reps are loving is the option to donate all earnings to charity, and then challenge their friends to match the donation.


So what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to test out and build up skills that will set you up for future success. And because those postgrad tuition fees aren’t going to pay themselves.



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