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GRADWEAR assists students in spreading school spirit with premium-quality custom decorated apparel. With GRADWEAR, you choose a bespoke style to rock for decades to come. Grounded in principles such as simplicity, security, and premium quality, GRADWEAR is the complete e-commerce platform for spirit-raising apparel, ideal for students and their school reps.

With years of experience and a team of excellent partners, GRADWEAR is the best source for decorated apparel. For students, we offer exceptional quality and affordability. And for school reps, our one-stop, turn-key platform manages all logistical details including (but not limited to) design, delivery, and tracking, removing hiccups, delays, and quality concerns. 

Deadlines are essential to GRADWEAR for maintaining the highest quality while upholding timeline commitments. Please do your best to meet them. That said, extensions may be possible on a case-by-case basis, contact us for more information Here

Once an order has been submitted, GRADWEAR works diligently to meet delivery deadlines. Post-order modifications to sizes and colours inevitably slow this process and are not always possible. Please ensure your order is correct at time of submission. However, if unforeseen circumstances make an order change imperative, the GRADWEAR Customer Support team will do its best to accommodate changes.

No. However, since copyright laws do not extend to decorated apparel, it is possible that a third-party could appropriate a coveted design. Our advice is to ensure your amazing design work is also visibly proprietary.

Yes. Your privacy and security are top priorities at GRADWEAR. That’s why we rely on the most advanced security features available online. Your transactions are fully protected, as is your personal information.  

Proudly Canadian in provenance, GRADWEAR is currently expanding into markets beyond North America! Want to know if GRADWEAR is available where you live? Contact us Here

To maximize your ability to customize, order, and sell your decorated apparel with simplicity and efficiency, GRADWEAR remains available exclusively online through our digital store.

A detailed sizing chart, available for every GRADWEAR garment in the product description area, should take the guesswork out of sizing.

GRADWEAR Customer Support may be accessed via email at info@gradwear.ca or toll-free by calling 1-855-905-GRAD (1-855-905-4723).

GRADWEAR offers a digital catalogue on request. Contact us for more information here.

We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. 

Shipping to your school’s GRADWEAR Representative is free. Direct Shipping options are available as well, at a cost. You’ll be given options for shipping at checkout when placing an order.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks from the Order Deadline for manufacturing, production, and shipping. 

Unfortunately, no. However, a guiding principle of our business is collaboration which we encourage on all fronts. If someone else at your school is already a GRADWEAR Rep, reach out to see if you can join the team! Important reminder though, it is only 1 GRADWEAR.ca rep account per school so please use a log in and password that you can share with those helping out.

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Besides choosing from a range of vibrant colours, GRADWEAR gives you two main style/design options for decorating your apparel: traditional twill embroidery or screen printing. Designs are created by your school’s GRADWEAR Representative. 

We can—and we promise not to laugh. If you lack visual skills or if you have a design vision that cannot be achieved using the GRADWEAR Design Lab, ask our GRADWEAR Customer Support team about assigning one of our in-house designers to your team.